Since I was very young I always loved to draw, I started out drawing horses and later advanced to other subjects.  I also took up painting and dabbled with oil pastels as well.   I did a lot of colored pencil work and enjoyed that a lot as it mixed my love of drawing with the color that people like.  I started doing a lot of animal portraits and when acrylic paint became available I worked with that medium as well.   I attended a local  college where my artistic education continued and I received an AA degree in fine arts.  Over the years I have entered many art shows and competitions and have been in the ribbons consistently.  I am now a freelance artist, which gives me more time to work on my own art.  Because of the freedom of freelancing, my creative life today is much more interesting since the diversity of the work is so great.  I now do art work on rocks and stone surfaces such as flagstone.  I do animal portraits on the stone and they are very popular as gifts and memorial pieces.  I used to live in Northern Arizona and my work was in the Goldenstein Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.  I have since moved to the Wishkah Valley, near Aberdeen Washington and will be doing my work from my home studio.
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